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Dear friend,



First of all, let us thank you for your trust and for your desire for self-understanding, since you are reading this for a reason! 

You are very welcome here in our cozy community and we want you to make yourself at home. This project in the first place was created for you and your close people.

Our aim is to bring together spiritually close people, to inspire them to share development, growth, support and love.

Why? Because one and only thing, which unites people of different nationalities and beliefs is a desire for harmony. We desire harmony both on levels of physical health and psycho-emotional health. Each of us wants to build harmonious relationships with husband, wife, brother, children, mother etc. But sometimes there is elementary a lack of knowledge about fundamental principles which are laid down in the creation of a healthy family institution.

Exactly for this reason we created a family project. We sincerely wish that every person will be able to immerse in a true knowledge, which for thousands of years helps people during their own way to physical, material and spiritual prosperity.

With love, Balarama family!

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