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«A man has two main resources of receiving energy for cultivation right thoughts, committing moral actions and presence in an inspired and soulful state – spiritual practice (meditation, prayer) and right communication, where the second one is a main resource for the most of people and defines their vector of movement»

If you want to:

  • Combine the pleasant with the useful

  • Spend the vacation with your family and close people near the sea in a relaxed atmosphere and talk about your health and healthy nutrition

  • Make your family meet Stanislav and discuss with him not only important health issues, but a lot of different things too

  • Understand why does your business make you less happy every year and give you more and more ‘examinations’ with partners and staff, which makes your psycho-emotional state more and more unstable 

  • Understand the reason of your family difficulties and have recommendations about how to harmonize it



Dr Balarama Stanislav

7 days

The program includes:

This trip gives you a great opportunity to discuss with Stanislav every question of all the stages:

  • Healthy nutrition 

  • Which sport is better to choose according to the person’s constitution 

  • What is the mental health?!

  • How to use the deepest and greatest principles of Eastern psychology in family and business 

  • Stages of spiritual formation in society and family, building a family with the deepest spiritual principles 


For more information about schedule contact Stanislav via What’s App (+79661232505) and you will get a file with a schedule 

diagnosis of physical, mental and energy conditions 

recommendations about nutrition, physical activities, breathing exercises and mental work, considering individual constitution

sincere communication :)

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