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Each soul living the experience in the human body is given a lifetime to understand, realize and develop its own potential at the level of the body and mind.

The human body is a temple for his soul. Show me your body and I will tell you who you are.

This course will give you an understanding of the most sustainable exercises for your physical excellence, taking into account the individual constitution and deviations in health (if there are any).

In addition, you will receive support in preparation for your first professional race.


But the main thing is that from now on running will no longer be associated with violence, eternal tingling in the side, dry shortness of breath and injuries.


After this course, it will only give you pleasure in a new, meditative and pleasant process for your body.





Dr Balarama Stanislav

3 months

3 personal/online meeting

Support and control of psychical state

interaction options:  

for family

* for 3 months.
The program includes:

Diagnosis of physical and energy condition;

Control of the functional state of a person (of the heart) via the program "Garmin Connect";

Recommendations about physical activity and daily routine, taking into account the individual constitution and deviations in health (if there are any);

Selection and demonstration of the exercises (taking into account the level of preparation of a person) with the gradual complication of exercises by the end of each cycle (period of three weeks);

Teaching of running technique and planning of the target (if you wish) (participation in running starts).

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