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"Why do you need to develop your mind? In order to control your body and your desires, be able to formulate them and implement them. Be able to control your feelings. When you need to initiate an action to something, and when you do not need to - stop ... "

The better we learn to use our minds, the deeper we appreciate the benefits of thinking and learning.

This course will give you an understanding of training the mind (thinking, perception, intuitive wisdom), through the implementation of certain morning practices and breathing exercises.


Also, you will receive recommendations on adjusting your nutrition and daily routine to accelerate the process of rebuilding your mental system.

Within 4-5 days after the start of the course, you will feel differences in the perception, awareness and understanding of your usual situations at work, at home and in any other place.





Dr Balarama Stanislav

3 weeks

2 personal/online meetings

Daily support and control of psycho-emotional state

Interaction options:  


increased care*
*The program additionally includes 3 individual meetings for 90 minutes
The program includes:

Basic consultation in order to identify the request;

Diagnosis of mental condition;

Recommendations for the breathing exercises, which can daily help to enter into a contemplative state, throughout this state by doing certain tasks you can reach a new level of ability of thinking, cognition, understanding, perception, remembering, summarizing, evaluating and making decisions, and most importantly – to develop the ability to intuitive wisdom;

Maintenance of a person for the period of 3 weeks with daily text and audio reports of mental state by the end of a day  (via Whatsapp) with feedback as well as a discussion of all emerging issues throughout this period;

Recommendations about physical activity and daily routine, taking into account the individual constitution and deviations in health (if there are any);

The second consultation after the end of the program in order to summarize the past period and obtain recommendations for future practices.

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